Perceptual resilience.

OssaViz is a web-based data visualization toolkit that provides 3D interactive data rendering. OssaViz leverages the WebGL capability in modern desktop and mobile web browsers to provide real-time rendering and advanced visualization capabilities to any web application without the need for browser plug-ins or the download of any additional software. OssaViz uses a lightweight JavaScript API to make the integration with an application seamless.  All aspects of the visualization can be fully customized including nodes, edges, textures, backgrounds, camera position, lighting, etc.


Real-time Visualization

Provides high-fidelity rendering of data in real-time with support for dynamic animations




Users can interact with the data, using gestures and customized visualizations




Requires no special plugins or additional software




Can be adapted for a variety of user scenarios and easily integrated into any web app using the JavaScript API


US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) challenged us to develop new visualizations that enhance situational awareness of cyber security operators. 


Leveraging OssaViz technology, we developed a novel approach to display threats targeting a cyber network.  The visualization enabled the users to have a greater understanding of the vulnerabilities and ultimately facilitate strategy development to mitigate them.  Using the customizable rendering capability, we offered both 3D and 2D views of the network with custom models and layouts that allowed the user to easily and quickly perceive attack paths and vulnerable nodes, as well as the expected performance of mitigation and defense measures