Mass Casualty Incident Response.

MCI (Mass casualty incident) response requires coordination of many resources, often across multiple jurisdictions and communication during this time is usually impromptu and prone to human error.

AID-MEDIC is an integrated mobile application intended for use on scene during an MCI. It is designed for mobile, handheld devices and provides capabilities that enhance the situational awareness as well as provide decision support in a variety of domains.

The goal of AID-MEDIC is to not only optimize allocation of clinical resources, but also to increase efficiency of patient triage and transfer to care facilities.


Probabilistic Reasoning

Model, simulate, analyze and optimize for probabilistic factors in system and team performance



Provides the ability to work as a team collectively to optimize plans


Resource Allocation

Assigns patients to the correct facilities based on need and urgency


Data Sharing

Allows data sharing between different data management systems