What We Do

At Perceptronics Solutions, we strive to help people perform better in high stress and unpredictable environments. We design and develop a variety of advanced technologies and capabilities focused on the current needs of the Department of Defense as well as other agencies, and both civic and industrial organizations.

Our highly skilled personnel and world-class corporate and academic partners are dedicated to the goal of increasing effectiveness of individuals and teams by empowering them to make better decisions.


Our Methodology

Decision Support

Facilitating critical thinking & uncertainty management in decision-making & planning processes

Social Computing

Filtering signal from noise in social media and complex social network data

Human Performance
& Training

Enhancing resilience with personalized measurement, automated coaching & data visualization

Disaster Response

Building resource coordination services & mobile apps to drive humanitarian assistance & disaster response

Cyber Operations

Strengthening situational awareness & uncertainty management for proactive cyber defense

Intelligent Control of Autonomous Systems

Integrating adjustable autonomy & trust calibration technology to improve mixed-initiative teams

Amos Freedy, Ph.D.
CEO and President

Dr. Amos Freedy is a recognized expert in planning and managing large-scale research and development projects involving a combination of technical and behavioral disciplines, with special emphasis on AI and cognitively aided human-computer systems. Amos previously was president and chief operating officer of Perceptronics, Inc., a public corporation that he co-founded with Dr. Gershon Weltman. At Perceptronics Solutions Amos serves as principal investigator or project manager on numerous AI-based decision modeling and aiding projects. His main role is management of projects through proof-of-concept and field implementation including software development and hardware system design and integration. Amos has served as Chairman of the Man-Machine Committee and of the Decision Subcommittee for the IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics professional society and has published numerous technical and strategic articles, papers, reports and book chapters. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering, a MS in Bio-Engineering and a PhD in Electronics and Man-Machine Systems from the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science.



Gershon Weltman, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President

Dr. Gershon Weltman is an internationally respected expert in human factors and user interface design with a strong emphasis on training and simulation. Gershon’s professional experience is centered on his long-term executive and technical management of Perceptronics, Inc., where his responsibilities as CEO included developing new business and directing the creative design, production and delivery of many innovative simulation and decision support systems. In addition to serving as principal investigator on a number of current Perceptronics Solutions projects, and providing scientific direction to several others, Gershon is a lecturer in the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science, where he teaches a course on Engineering and Society that fulfills the School’s ethics requirement. Gershon was a six-year member of the U.S. Army Science Board, a select group that advises the Army on science and technology matters, and recently served on the Defense Science Board Task Force on Training for Future Conflicts. He has published numerous scientific, technical and strategic papers, and has presented lectures and briefings at government, business and professional meetings. He holds a BS, MS, and PhD in Man-Machine Systems from the UCLA School of Engineering and Applied Science.


Elan Freedy
COO and Vice President of Engineering

Elan Freedy has led Perceptronics Solutions’ software development activities since joining the company as a founder in 2003.  Elan focuses on managing the complete life-cycle in software development, ranging from initial research to commercial product sales and support. Elan has 20 years of professional experience as a software developer and computer scientist. In the course of his career, Elan has successfully implemented complex software systems on projects performed for both the US Department of Defense and commercial companies.  During the mid-1990s, Elan was involved with some of the pioneering development work of Voice-over-IP technology while serving as a Program Manager at VocalTec Communications. He participated in early efforts to productize this technology while it was still emerging and participated in implementation of the early protocol standards. Elan’s specific areas of expertise include distributed systems, networking, Bayesian networks, and machine learning. Elan holds a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA, an MS in Computer Science from George Washington University and an MBA from the UVA Darden School of Business.


Marvin Cohen, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist and Vice President of Cognitive Research

Dr. Marvin Cohen is an expert in decision analysis and support. At Perceptronics Solutions, Marvin serves as principal investigator on projects directed toward the understanding and training of critical thinking and leadership, as well as to the design and implementation of decision aids that support critical thinking and decision making in time-constrained and uncertain environments. Related work involves development and testing of methods for cognitive task analysis, modeling real-time decision making in a variety of domains (based on data from experiments, interviews, and naturalistic observation), training and evaluating critical thinking performance, computer simulation of real-time decision making, formal inference systems, decision aids that adapt to users, and knowledge-based collaborative information management. Prior to joining Perceptronics Solutions, he was president and chief scientist of Cognitive Technologies, Inc., which he founded in 1990. Cognitive Technologies specialized in training and aiding critical thinking and decision making.  Dr Cohen received his PhD in experimental psychology from Harvard University.


Timur Chabuk, Ph.D.
Vice President, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics


Sara Mastro
Director, UX and Product Management


Paul Scerri, Ph.D.
Director, Robotics Lab