Social Science Prediction Through Survey Data Collection.

Just-In-time Survey Technology (JIST) is a next generation research tool for validating predictive social science models. JIST utilizes powerful network sampling routines and overcomes the inherent difficulties in using these by incorporating the guidance protocols as well as the related mathematical and statistical machinery entirely into an electronic application running on handheld devices. Doing so harnesses the power of network sampling and brings it literally to the fingertips of researchers. This ensures that researchers will be able to reliably gather their desired data in an unbiased fashion and to overcome, in large part, the massive threat of non-response bias. By incorporating the procedure into an application running on handheld technology and by instantaneously updating statistical power, it transforms months of sampling into weeks or even days. Finally, it incorporates a wide array of statistical, social network analytic, geo-analytic, and ethnographic tools to assist researchers.


Quantitative Prediction

Employs a flexible authoring web application that can be used for multiple survey collection methodologies that are used for hard-to-reach populations.


Network Sampling

Using survey data collected in the field, our algorithmic solution synthesizes data in real time to predict when the sample size is complete, which is customized for each project.



Based on the idea of integrating network sampling with electronic applications running on low-cost, readily available handheld devices to make the complex data collection methodology easier to conduct and to provide analytic support for the associated statistical models.


Real-Time Data Synthesis

The mobile app syncs the data that is collected from the field with the web app and real-time data synthesis is possible with our algorithmic solution.