Flow Diagram


1. Challenge

We proactively seek out complex problems that require technical expertise, ingenuity, and ambition.


4. Design

- Through our iterative process, we discover the product along the way

- Designs are end-user driven & people-focused

- We derive testbeds that are conducive to flexible design & rapid prototyping

- Our Human Factors Team respects the best standards of Design & UX

- Our Programming Team accomplishes end-to-end system development, with mastery of Modular Design and Agile Development.    



We hire enthusiastic and talented individuals with varied backgrounds who thrive on small teams, achieving design excellence.



We assess the commercial market, pivot and continue building


3. Research

We roll our sleeves up and put ourselves in the context of the problem we want to solve, building on existing expertise from over 45 years of experience


6. Build

We believe that by creating systems that are robust and human-centered, we can empower people to respond to a rapidly changing world