Perceptronics Solutions Time Line


In 1970,Perceptronics Inc. founded by Dr. Gershon Weltman & Amos Freedy in Encino, CA



In 1982 the company had an IPO on NASDAQ and received national attention; the same year the company had the Neiman-Marcus Gift of the Year for their Christmas Catalog


Perceptronics was the lead company in development of SIMNET, a DARPA program which built the first large-scale simulation network


In 2003 Perceptronics Solutions, Inc. is founded with focus on developing new capabilities in decision support and autonomous systems building on the legacy of Perceptronics, Inc.


The Decision Infrastructure for Counter-Insurgency (DICOP) was deployed with the 4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division at Camp Ramadi in Iraq to support Operation New Dawn


Robotics Lab opens in Pittsburgh, PA near Carnegie Mellon U