About Us

Perceptronics develops intelligent computing technologies that help people make better decisions when facing uncertainty or operating in high stress environments. Our world-class scientists, engineers and human-computer interaction experts design and implement solutions that apply advanced algorithms to build systems that focus on the user. By combining innovative science, artificial intelligence and compelling design, we help our clients tackle the most difficult problems now faced by the US Department of Defense and security agencies, local governments, and corporate enterprises.



To Perceptronics Solutions

What We Do

At Perceptronics Solutions, we strive to help people perform better in high stress and unpredictable environments. We design and develop a variety of advanced technologies and capabilities focused on the current needs of the Department of Defense as well as other agencies, and both civic and industrial organizations.


Our Methodology

Our iterative design strategy begins with our expertise and additional research into a particular domain, followed by collaborative implementation and evaluation.


Tech Domains

Decision Support • Social Computing • Human Performance & Training • Disaster Response • Cyber Operations • Intelligent Control of Autonomous Systems



Our highly skilled personnel and world-class corporate and academic partners are dedicated to the goal of increasing effectiveness of individuals and teams by empowering them to make better decisions.


Perceptronics Solutions Inc. founded in 1970.