Our Mission


Perceptronics develops technologies that build resilient individuals, teams, systems, enterprises, and entire communities. We foster resilience by creating technologies that help people make decisions in the face of uncertainty, maintain high performance under great duress, and recover quickly from adversity. We believe that by creating systems that are robust and human-centered, we can empower people to respond to a rapidly changing world. Our world-class scientists, engineers and human-computer interaction experts design and implement solutions that are both engaging and effective. By combining innovative science, artificial intelligence and compelling design, we help our clients tackle the most difficult problems now faced by the US defense and security agencies, local governments, and corporate enterprises.



Leveraging heart rate variability
to build resilience


Commodity-based resource
allocation and planning


Enabling informed decisions through
social media intelligence 


Mobile applications for rapid
epidemiology assessment


Data driven bayesian inference
and decision support tool


Immersive and interactive
data visualization toolkit 


Analytical cyber simulation tool for defensive operations. 

Decision Support

Facilitating critical thinking & uncertainty management in decision-making & planning processes

Social Computing

Filtering signal from noise in social media and complex social network data

Human Performance
& Training

Enhancing resilience with personalized measurement, automated coaching & data visualization

Disaster Response

Building resource coordination services & mobile apps to drive humanitarian assistance & disaster response

Cyber Operations

Strengthening situational awareness & uncertainty management for proactive cyber defense

Intelligent Control of Autonomous Systems

Integrating adjustable autonomy & trust calibration technology to improve mixed-initiative teams