AI-Assisted Skills Assessment.

During training, instructors are not always available. The debrief turnaround time can be a bottleneck and the data gathered does not always support effective debriefs. SkillsDX is a web-based mobile app created to help solve operational training issues such as these.

The SkillsDX diagnostic assessment framework is designed to address the challenges of accurate skill assessment in a variety of individual and team tasks. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to perform two essential functions:  Improve skill assessment methodology and help the human evaluator determine the most critical information to gather when assessing the skills of a trainee or of a team of trainees performing a task.

SkillsDX uses rubrics to structure its evaluations and employs Bayesian models that determine the most critical information to assess a trainee’s skill. It offers a new paradigm of AI-assisted assessment that solves many of the problems with today’s current approaches.


Baysian Model

The system generates an assessment based on the underlying performance model. As more information is obtained, the assessment adapts to illustrate the status of the trainee.

Adaptive Observations

Using value of information calculations, SkillsDX identifies areas and observations of greatest diagnostic value. Thus, instructors using the system are aided in conducting smarter and more efficient evaluations.

Structured Assessment

Supports consistent, repeatable evaluation and assessment according to the framework of the users choosing.  The tool has built in support for several established rubrics—including the Drefus 5 stage scale—and supports extension with domain specific rubrics and frameworks.

Immediate Feedback

Short term assessment across multiple evaluators along with feedback on trainees deficiencies and suggestions for remediation.