OssaLabs is a division of Perceptronics that provides an advanced monitoring platform for discovering, understanding, and engaging with social media communities, conversations, and individuals that matter to your business.



OssaLabs technical offering is underscored by proprietary algorithms and analysis tools based on academic research in machine learning, data mining, computational social science and cognitive science.  The capabilities we offer represent a technological leap over the status quo of social media analytics solutions.  


Professional Services

OssaLabs offers business focused professional services and solution customization to help our customers get the most out of our capabilities in addressing their specific business challenges in social media.  The services we offer range from training to full scope analysis, reporting and strategic recommendations by our professional services team.

Social Impact Pro
Social Media Monitoring Platform

Allows you to monitor mass quantities of social media content and participants in a way that is intuitive and meaningful.

Active Topic Discovery: produces clear summaries of large amounts of social media activity based on deep semantic analysis of the social media content.

Participant Analysis: puts conversations into context by letting you understand who is driving them.

Community and Influencer Discovery: finds influential voices within the conversations and communities that interest you.

Election Impact

Election Impact helps politicians get the correct messages to the right audience.

Developed under Department of Defense support, Election Impact is an automated artificial intelligence technology based tool that helps politicians quickly determine from all Facebook and Twitter posts which issues matter to their campaign, uncovering emerging narratives before they become mainstream, and identifying other topics they didn’t know was important to voters.

This tool tells politicians what voters really care about - in their own words - and puts these voter conversations into context by helping politicians understand who is driving them: loyal supporters, known detractors, or the truly ambivalent.