Disaster planning resilience.

DART is a service, designed and developed to allow planning personnel to simulate what-if style resource deployment scenarios. DART or Dynamic Agent-based Reallocation and Tasking, tests a series of hypotheses directed at the distribution of a resource, such as water, during a time of highly dynamic change to the environment or to the needs of the recipients. This service allows operators to create simulated plans of action for what equipment to use, where that equipment will travel, and how the distribution of the resource will be handled. In addition, operators may simulate road, traffic, and weather conditions to determine how changes to each of these would affect distribution.



Configure scenarios and watch DART solve the problem in real time


Reasoning Layer

Intelligently selects the most optimal algorithm from a suite of algorithms


Highly detailed data visualizations are provided as a means of conveying insight


Provides the ability to work as a team collectively to optimize plans


Santa Barbara, CA is a city positioned in such a way that logistically, it is very challenging to plan relief efforts in the event of a disaster.


Through use of the DART application, the Santa Barbara County disaster relief team configured a scenario by defining various FEMA standard distribution points in addition to the number of trucks and personnel that would be available. DART allowed the ability to view this configuration in simulation as the background services provided the most optimal solutions to solve the given problem. It was found that if certain environmental conditions such as road outages were to happen on a specific set of roads within the county, the supplied set of resources would not optimally work. 
Through DART and its simulation and metrics, the team was able to gain a deeper insight into where their protocols and procedures would fail.



"We deployed a field team into West Africa to crowd source information in relation to the Ebola outbreak. This technology would have been a great help in optimizing the logistics to quickly get our people in and out."

Sam Ekreyes

"It definitely would have been nice to have an application like this that allows us to train and tailor our disaster response protocols in simulation."

Scott Jones
Center for Asymmetrical Warfare